Client: Linda Sandrock, Comply Portal Manager for Cranberry Area School District


Challenge: Juggling several different databases to track and manage Act 48 hours, clearances, mandated trainings and PIMS requirements.


Solution: Edulink’s COMPLY software keeps all of our items in one place and allows the district to upload to the PDE more efficiently. It has saved the district time by providing a means to publish an item and easily see that requirements were fulfilled. Edulink provides comprehensive, individualized training, which has been very beneficial. We’ve been very pleased with the customer service. Requests have been acknowledged immediately, and issues have been resolved or instructions provided the same day.


Future Comply Application: The district plans to have building administrators use the software as a sign-off for staff reviewing policies and acknowledging receipt of staff handbooks, etc.


Big Picture Benefits:

  • Time Saver and greater efficiency
  • Keeps information all in one place for better documentation and no extra work!
  • Keeps employees more accountable and informed with built-in reminders
  • Instant upload of Act 48 hours to the PDE


To learn more about Comply, visit our website Or, to schedule a private demo of Comply, contact us

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