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Track and Manage the Approval and Reimbursement Process

Pre-Approval is a powerful web-based system that is specifically designed to track and manage the approval and reimbursement process for external event requests. Requests can now be processed in minutes rather than days.

Teachers and/or employees simply log on to the site and enter requests to attend professional development offerings that are outside of your district.  Every detail can be submitted including expenses, cash advance requests, purpose, etc. 

The building principal (or any administrator who is assigned to this teacher) receives an email regarding this request and can approve or disapprove the request from their mobile phone, iPad, or any computer.  Once approved, central administrators are automatically notified and can approve or disapprove.  The business office is also notified and involved in the process when requests include funding.  

At each level, administrators can add notes, funding source information, etc.  Teachers receive email notification of the approval (or disapproval) along with all notes and instructions.  With Pre-Approval, your district’s approval process is expedited and seamless. 

Customer Benefits



Tracks and manages all external event requests


Eliminates the traditional paper-based approval and reimbursement process


Links all key decision makers in the approval process (teachers, principals, central administrators, etc.)


Integrated Reporting

Includes powerful reporting features


Saves endless hours of filing and paper shuffling

Email Automation

Provides automatic email notifications to every person involved


Offers custom built approval forms to match your current paper-based process


Allows access to system 24/7/365

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