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EduLink, Inc. is an organization built around the spirit of helping others. In some ways, that’s doing our part to bring quality software solutions to educators, but in other ways, it’s serving and empowering others.

Malayaka House

EduLink is extremely proud to partner with Malayaka House, an orphanage for abandoned and abused children in Uganda. In 2010, we learned about the work of Robert Fleming and how he started Malayaka House with one abandoned infant in 2005. Since that time, Robert has rescued 50 children from the most desperate situations and given them a chance at life. Malayaka House was initially built as a safe haven for deserted children. Today, it has become a self-sustaining home and educational center with a range of small businesses and environmentally-friendly projects. Robert immediately knew he wanted more for the kids of Malayaka House because he recognized that opportunities for a quality education and employment are rare in Uganda. He’s made education, vocational skills, and training a priority for the orphanage. He not only ensures the children are healthy and safe, but he’s made it his mission to provide them with the very best education available so that they can acquire the skills necessary for a bright future.

Several years ago, Robert started developing small businesses and environmentally-friendly projects that could propel the orphanage into a self-sustaining entity. Today, Malayaka House operates several small businesses, including a small farm where vegetables are grown and animals are raised, a craft shop, a pizza restaurant, a mozzarella making business, and an Instructional Technology (IT) Department that provides IT services within the area. Additionally, Robert has implemented green energy solutions, including solar energy, water collection, and permaculture systems – allowing Malayaka House to run more independently while providing the children with opportunities to learn these cost saving and conservational strategies. Most recently, Malayaka House has started a safari business (, taking groups of people on 2 to 10 day excursions. Safari goers can visit national parks in Uganda and see gorgeous landscapes and thousands of animals, including elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, chimpanzees, and gorillas.  In terms of safaris, Uganda is an unknown gem.

Edulink supports Malayaka House in many ways. Over the years we have provided financial support and advice on various ventures. In particular, we have helped Malayaka House establish an IT department. The goal of the IT department is to expose the children to technology and teach them how to be effective consumers and producers of information. The IT department is also positioning itself to deliver website development services to local businesses. We are thrilled to help support Malayaka House as it grows and evolves into a self-sustaining home, educational center and source of entrepreneurship in the region.

EduLink Partners with Wilkinsburg School District To Donate Books to Malayaka House

EduLink founders, Dr. Reed Hankinson and Dr. Dave Myers make it part of their business to give back to others. EduLink recently partnered with Wilkinsburg School District to donate unused High School books to the orphanage the company sponsors in Uganda called Malayaka House. EduLink founder Dave Myers along with a student run organization from Penn State University, called Empower Orphans, took a trip to Uganda to deliver those books in person.

Wilkinsburg School District took the opportunity to teach their students about a country across the world. Turner Elementary School’s 5th and 6th grade students sent letters along with the books to the children at Malayaka House. Before the students wrote their letters, Jordan Manos, Turner’s School Counselor, and their teachers showed students a video about Malayaka House. Afterwards, they discussed topics including poverty, poor living conditions, and the effects of having a lack of food, clean drinking water, clothing, electricity, and medical care.

The children at Malayaka House were absolutely thrilled to read the letters from the Wilkinsburg students and are anxious to write back. They are always very interested in learning about the United States and communicating with children their own age here in the U.S. The children and Founder of Malayaka House, Robert Fleming, were extremely appreciative of the new books they can now explore! The children truly embrace every opportunity to learn and feel blessed to have a safe environment to do so in such an impoverished country. Thank you Wilkinsburg School District for giving Malayaka House the gift of reading and learning! EduLink was honored to share this experience with you!

Mission to El Salvador (MTES)

Several years ago, EduLink began supporting MTES through donations and the collection of needed supplies.  The mission of MTES is to help the people of El Salvador in their quest for freedom from addiction, poverty, and slavery.

The brutal 12 year civil war in El Salvador left the country in poverty and it continues to struggle with violence, and crime. Jon and Danielle Snyder founded Mission to El Salvador in 2009 and it has since grown to include a team of people invested in serving those in need in El Salvador. EduLink is proud to participate in this mission.

Clear Thoughts

Each year, EduLink donates to and supports the mission of the Clear Thoughts Foundation.

Clear Thoughts Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Pittsburgh in 2010. The purpose of the foundation is to raise funds for the discovery of drugs and therapeutics to help stop the progression of dementia and eventually the disease. All of the founding members of CTF have had personal experience with dementia or other related cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, and have been disappointed with the lack of available and effective drugs and therapeutics in today’s market. CTF funds research both nationally and internationally, targeted at developing and screening drugs and therapeutics for dementia treatment that are cutting-edge, innovative and clinically promising. EduLink is happy to support the foundation in its mission.

A Night to Remember

For the past several years, EduLink has been a sponsor of A Night to Remember—a fantastic evening of dinner, dancing and enjoying friends for people ages 16-40 with developmental, physical and mental delays. We couldn’t be more honored to be part of this special evening. Seeing smiles on the faces of all in attendance is priceless.

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