Edulink  Fall 2023 News & Updates

Welcome to Edulink’s Fall 2023 Newsletter! This edition is full of PAETEP and Comply tips on how you can get the school year off to a great start!

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We’re Celebrating 25 Years of Software Solutions for Schools!

The entire Edulink staff is proud to uphold our ongoing commitment to serving educators throughout Pennsylvania. To learn more about our incredible journey, visit our Anniversary page!


Latest PAETEP News & Updates

Edulink is continually working to improve our products as technology changes and educator needs evolve. We are working on a comprehensive and total rebuild of PAETEP that some clients are currently testing. We’re aiming toward a Fall 2024 release. Stay tuned as we get closer!

Use SPM/PPG/IEP Presets

Did you know that LEAs can create an unlimited number of prefilled SPM, IEP, and/or PPG Presets in Edulink’s PAETEP software?

As the school year begins, it’s a great time to create presets in PAETEP! For example, if a district wants all of their special education teachers to complete a similar SPM, the district can create and publish a preset called SPM – Special Education. When special education teachers start their SPM, they will be given the option to select and start the prefilled preset. Once started, the teacher can tweak/edit the content as needed.


Use Anecdotal Notes to Build a Portfolio of Artifacts

If you need a place to organize comments, artifacts, or feedback outside of observations that support your evaluations for your staff, consider using the anecdotal notes function in PAETEP. Evidence collected can be used to inform the Observation and Practice portion of the 13-1 form.

LEARN MORE about all the creative ways you can use the anecdotal notes section in PAETEP to support your feedback and communication with faculty and staff.

Start SPMs, IEPs, PPGs, Differentiated and NTPE Observations

The beginning of the school year means initiating observations that will be completed throughout the year. For tips and directions on starting SPMs, IEPs, PPGs, Differentiated and NTPE Observations, visit the links below!

Getting Started with Student Performance Measures

Getting Started with IEP Progress Goals

Getting Started with Principal Performance Goals

Differentiated Observations

NTPE Observations

Use Reports to Formulate Professional Development

PAETEP includes a Reporting section that gives administrators the ability to monitor progress across their portal. Data gathered can be used to spearhead future professional development ideas. Reports are accessible to building principals and central office administrators.

LEARN MORE about PAETEP’s dynamic reports!

Use Stand-Alone Tool as a Walkthrough with Rating

Are you looking for a way to do a walkthrough with a rubric rating?

Use PAETEP’s stand-alone tool to complete your walkthrough and provide feedback and a rating for your teachers! Stand-alone rubrics include only the rubric part of traditional observations, whereby the teacher and/or principal can rate on all 22 components and add component-specific comments where appropriate. Stand-alone rubrics can be used with teachers and non-teaching professionals (NTPEs) like counselors, nurses, etc.


Reminder: Use Custom Forms with Support Staff

Remember that you can evaluate your support staff in PAETEP! The Custom Forms with Support Staff Module allows you to evaluate your paraprofessionals, custodians, administrative assistants, and more!

LEARN HOW you can implement this module!

As a PAETEP client, you know about Edulink’s commitment to client service and building tools that fit the needs of educators across the state. If you are not currently using our compliance software – Comply – to manage your Act 48 hours, clearances, and state mandates, visit our Comply webpage to learn more!

Edulink Comply Logo

Latest Comply News & Updates

Employee Policy Annual Reviews

Keeping track of all the necessary signoffs and document/policy reviews at the beginning of each school year can be challenging! Comply makes the process fast and easy. You can set up your items in Comply with regular reminders to ensure that all of your employees are in compliance. The electronic signoff process makes it easy to complete and will save everyone time. The following annual reviews can be set up, tracked, and set to recur each year:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Policy Updates

Check out our BEST PRACTICES for more details!

Emergency Drills for the School Year

Keep track of all your emergency drills to ensure that you complete the required number of drills each year. Use the emergency drill template in Comply and edit instructions, dates, resources, requirements, reminders, approval stages, and more! Once the drill is set up, you can assign users and they will receive an email notification to complete a questionnaire for the item.

Learn more about tracking emergency drills HERE!

School Safety

Required trainings and security measures are now a regular part of school life. Yet, they can be a huge burden to manage.

Edulink’s Comply software can ease that burden by enabling educators to easily track many of the necessary school safety and security requirements.

With Comply, items for each of the categories listed below can be set up; employees and due dates can be assigned; and everything can be tracked right in the software. Documents and certificates can be uploaded, and reminders can be scheduled to go out each cycle to remind employees about what they need to complete.

  • Cyber Security
  • Security Awareness Training (Level 1-4)
  • Mandated Trainings
  • Background Checks and Clearances
  • Emergency Response
  • Training for Coaches
  • Annual Reporting of Arrests and Convictions
  • District-Specific Items

Visit our SCHOOL SAFETY POST for details on all of these school safety items!

Set up Act 48 Items for the School Year

You can set up all your district-sponsored in-services in advance and then sit back and relax! You can set up dates, times, reminders, and assign users to each item, and then let Comply send out the reminders for each event. Following the event, you can submit the hours directly to PERMS.

LEARN MORE about how you can track and submit Act 48 hours in Comply!

Benefits of Using Requests

Paper-based approval forms can be built in Comply! The electronic approval process not only saves time, but it also eliminates the cumbersome paper process. The approval process, the forms, and the flow can be completely customized by the school district district/organization. Approvers and employees are notified when an item is sent or approved via email, and real-time updates are provided along the way.

LEARN about all the types of requests you can build in Comply!


You can extend your PAETEP or Comply contract or buy new PAETEP modules using ESSER funds up until the Sept. 2024 deadline.

PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference

Stop by and see us at the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference, October 16-17, at Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos. We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary with some special giveaways! LEARN MORE.

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