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Fall 2022

Welcome to Edulink’s Fall 2022 Newsletter!

This quarter, we’re highlighting new built-in templates in PAETEP aligned with Act 13 — specifically, the SPM, IEP, and PPG templates — and sharing how more clients are using Comply to manage Request items and State Mandates.

Welcome to Our Newest Clients!



  • Upper Bucks CTC
  • Keystone SD
  • Derry Township SD
  • IU 9
  • Warrior Run SD
  • Environmental Charter
  • Urban Pathways Charter
  • Washington SD
  • Blue Ridge SD
  • Brookville SD
  • Jefferson Morgan SD
  • McGuffey SD
  • Lewisburg Area SD
  • Elizabeth Forward SD
  • Easter Seals of Western Central PA
  • Montoursville SD
  • Eastern York SD
  • Reading Muhlenberg SD
  • Western Area CTC
  • Big Beaver Falls SD
  • Charleroi SD
  • Line Mountain SD
  • Otto-Eldred SD
  • Lower Moreland SD
  • Tunkhannock SD
  • Chartiers Houston SD
  • Halifax SD
  • Achievement House Charter
  • North Allegheny SD
  • IU 10
  • IU 24
  • Young Scholars of Central PA


  • Jersey Shore SD
  • Millville SD
  • Blue Ridge SD
  • Armstrong SD
  • Northwestern SD
  • Rochester Area SD
  • Eastern York SD
  • Philipsburg-Osceola SD
  • Washington SD
  • Charleroi SD
  • South Fayette SD
  • Lower Moreland SD
  • Connellsville SD

Latest PAETEP News & Updates

Are You Aligned with Act 13?

Five teachers smiling

Are You Using the New Student Performance Measure (SPM) template?

  • Edulink has built the SPM template into PAETEP as an electronic workflow. If your LEA does not have access to the SPM module, please contact us.
  • All classroom teachers are required to complete an LEA Selected Measure or SPM. PDE is encouraging LEAs to use the SPM template in place of the SLO template.
  • The final score earned by the teacher on the SPM will constitute at least 10% of a teacher’s final summative score on the 13-1 form.
  • The completion of an SPM is independent of the requirement to complete an IEP Goals Progress template.
Teacher and Student using a notepad in class

Are You Using the New IEP Goals Progress Template?

  • Edulink has built the IEP Goals Progress template into PAETEP so that teachers, if needed, can complete it electronically and submit to their supervisor for review.
  • A teacher should consult their LEA and the established ‘n’ count to determine if they are required to complete an IEP Goals Progress template.
  • If required by a teacher to complete, the final score from the IEP Goals Progress process will constitute at least 2.5% of a teacher’s final summative score on the 13-1 form (that is, within the Teacher Specific Data Rating section of the 13-1 form).
  • The completion of an IEP Goals Progress template is independent of and in addition to the completion of an LEA Selected Measure. Teachers required to complete an IEP Goals Progress template are also required to complete an LEA Selected Measure (i.e., Student Performance Measure).
Teacher and Principal in hallway using a binder

Are You Using the New Principal Performance Goal Template?

  • Edulink has built the PPG template into PAETEP so that principals, assistant principals, vice principals, directors of career and technical education, and supervisors of special education can complete it electronically and submit to their supervisor for review.
  • The final score earned by the administrator on the PPG will constitute 20% of an administrator’s final summative score on the 13-2 form.

Did You Know that You Can Create SPM/IEP/PPG Presets in PAETEP?

LEAs can now create an unlimited number of prefilled SPM, IEP and/or PPG presets in PAETEP. Learn more about creating presets in PAETEP.

Male teacher in class holding book

Are Your Educators Using the New Revised and Refreshed Frameworks?

  • PDE has refreshed and revised the various frameworks for evaluation for Teachers, Principals, and NTPEs.
  • The refreshed frameworks include revised language, discussion prompts and evidence of practice.
  • The revised frameworks are posted on the Standards Aligned System – Educator Effectiveness website for review.
  • Links to the refreshed frameworks are provided throughout PAETEP.
Teacher helping students

Are You Prepared to Finalize Your 13 Rating Forms for the 2021-22 School Year?

  • PDE has announced that building scores and teacher-specific data (% Proficient and Advanced) will be released in late October / early November.
  • The % Proficient and Advanced will be available via a new report within the PEERS system and will include data for all Data Available teachers. Information on how to access this report will be forthcoming.
  • Due to the break in testing, PDE announced that PVAAS/Growth Scores will not be used on 13 rating forms for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.
  • Need help finalizing 13 forms? View our Completing 13 Rating Forms tutorials at Overview Tutorials.
School Building

How Are You Evaluating All of Your Other Employees?

  • More districts are using PAETEP to evaluate their Support Staff (e.g., paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, maintenance staff, custodial staff).
  • It’s simple… add the Custom Forms with Support Staff module and send us your forms to build for you.
  • Contact us to schedule a demo or learn about pricing.
Edulink Comply Logo

Latest Comply News & Updates

Edulink’s Comply clients are not only tracking Act 48 hours and clearances, but many are also using Comply to manage Request items and other State Mandates.

Hand holding tablet with Requests Screen

How Are You Managing Form Requests?

The Requests Module of Comply cuts out the paper-pushing and saves time, with a streamlined electronic process that allows district personnel to submit and approve requests within minutes! Employees can send request approvals to specific people and departments, such as Building Principals, Supervisors, HR, Facilities, or Payroll for financial purposes. Each step of the approval process is documented and leaves a clear footprint of its status. You can print any electronic request, as needed.

Comply’s Requests Module can help you manage:

  • Conference Requests
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Flex Hours
  • Anticipated Absence
  • Field Trips
  • Work Orders
  • Facility Use
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Key Fob Requests
  • Paraeducator Hours
  • Act 48 Submissions
  • And more!
Student traffic in hallway

How Are You Tracking and Managing State Mandates?

Tracking and managing required State Mandates, such as Act 48 and 45, clearances, drills, and mandated trainings, is so much easier and streamlined with Comply! In addition, the software includes the added benefit of automatic reminders to help users stay on track and in compliance.

Examples of trainings that Comply can you track and manage:

  • Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
  • Youth Suicide Prevention and Awareness
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • School Safety and Security
  • Child Exploitation Awareness Education
  • Bullying Prevention and Awareness
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • English as a Second Language Training
  • Alcohol, Chemical, and Tobacco Use Training
  • Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Training
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Diabetes Care
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
  • Preventing Exposure to Allergens
  • AED Training
  • Concussion Management Training
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training

Did You Know?

Edulink reached a milestone! Over 500 school districts, intermediate units, charter schools and CTCs use PAETEP! We are honored to serve educators across Pennsylvania!


If you’re going to the PASA-PSBA Conference October 31-November 1, stop by the Edulink booth! We’d love to catch up with you!

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