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For classroom teachers, the 13-1 rating form is used to calculate their semi-annual (temporary teachers) and/or final rating of Distinguished, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Failing and/or Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. The 13-2 form is for principals, assistant principals, CTC directors, and directors of special education.  The 13-3 is for NTPE (Non-Teaching Professionals).  For more information about the Act 13 changes to the 13 forms, please consult the PA Bulletin on Act 13.

To support supervisors in completing 13 rating forms, all evidence that is collected within PAETEP, whether it be from a Formal Observation, Differentiated Observation, NTPE Observation, Walkthrough, Anecdotal Note, Custom Form, SPM/IEP, or PPG, is provided within the 13 form via quick views.  This makes the summative evaluation process much easier for supervisors as they do not have to consult paper based documents for evidence.  By using PAETEP, supervisors have all the evidence they need in one place.

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