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Act 13 Rating Forms

Act 82-13 Rating IconAct 13 Rating

In accordance with Act 13, PAETEP includes all the required 13 rating forms (see below). For Temporary Professional Employees, Semi-Annual 13 rating forms can be completed twice per year. For Professional Employees, Annual 13 rating forms can be completed once per year. In addition, 13-4 Interim rating forms are available.


Types of 13 Rating Forms

13-1 Rating Form for Classroom Teachers

13-2 Rating Form for Principals

    • Principals
    • Assistant/Vice Principals
    • CTC Directors
    • Directors of Special Education

13-3 Rating Form for Nonteaching Professionals (NTPs)

    • Educational Specialists
    • Instructional professionals other than classroom teachers
    • Supervisor professionals other than supervisors of special education

13-4 Interim Rating Form

Professional employees who are considered unsatisfactory shall be rated at least annually. The first rating shall be calculated using the evaluation measures and weighting delineated in the rating tools as applicable to the employee (i.e., 13-1, 13-2, 13-3). Interim evaluations are not mandated. However, any interim rating of a professional employee who received an unsatisfactory rating on the annual evaluation shall be comprised of 70% Observation and Practice and 30% LEA Selected Measures, applying practice models, domain weighting and local measures as evaluated using the interim rating tool.

To support supervisors in completing 13 rating forms, all evidence that is collected within PAETEP, whether it be from a Formal Observation, Differentiated Observation, NTP Observation, Walkthrough, Anecdotal Note, Custom Form, SPM/IEP, or PPG, is provided within the 13 form via quick views.  This makes the summative evaluation process much easier for supervisors as they do not have to consult paper based documents for evidence.  By using PAETEP, supervisors have all the evidence they need in one place.

PAETEP Act 13 Rating Forms Screen

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