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Comprehensive Formal Observations

Comprehensive Formal

PAETEP’s Comprehensive Formal Observations tool ensures teachers and supervisors are adhering to Pennsylvania’s Act 13 Educator Effectiveness regulations. PAETEP’s dynamic Formal Observations includes a scripting tool for ease of collecting evidence. A rubric assessment tool is also available within the Comprehensive Formal Observations, allowing both the teacher and supervisor to rate each component from Failing, Needs Improvement, Proficient, to Distinguished. Links to the revised and refreshed frameworks, posted on PDE’s SAS portal are provided throughout the process. Below is an overview of the three main phases of the Comprehensive Formal Observations process:


    • Pre-Observation Questionnaire
    • Pre-Observation Conference

Classroom Observation

    • Evidence Collection/Scripting
    • Evidence Editing


    • Post-Observation Questionnaire/Reflection
    • Self-Assessment Rubric
    • Observation Summary Form
    • Post-Observation Conference
    • Authentication
Comprehensive Formal Observations Screen

Once the Comprehensive Formal Observations process is completed within PAETEP, component ratings are visible on the 13 rating form along with all observation evidence in each of the domains.

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Unannounced Observations

PAETEP’s dynamic Comprehensive Formal Observations tool gives supervisors the option to skip the initial phase, including the pre-observation questionnaire and pre-observation conference, creating an Unannounced Observation.


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