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Build Custom Forms for Any or All of Your Employees

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With the PA-ETEP Custom Forms Module, you can build a variety of forms for teachers, non-teaching professionals, supervisors, paraprofessionals, administrative staff, and more. Quickly and easily build forms to monitor the progress of district initiatives, or to facilitate professional growth plans or individual improvement objectives. You can even build self-assessment rubrics with your own rating scales, language, components, and domains.

Build an unlimited number of forms customized to your unique needs.

When you create a custom form in PA-ETEP, you can determine the number of questions, the types of questions, and the rating scale. Once a custom form is built and used, you can generate a report that summarizes your data. Some of the types of forms that can be created for teachers, NTPEs, and supervisors include:

– Building-Specific ‘Look For’ Forms
– Domain-Specific Walkthroughs
– Component-Specific Walkthroughs
– Peer Coaching Walkthroughs
– Virtual Teaching Walkthroughs
– Remote Learning Walkthroughs

– Teacher Reflection/Feedback Forms
– Program Evaluation Forms
– Curriculum Evaluations Forms

Other Types of Forms
– Checklist Observation Forms
– Rubrics Evaluation Forms
– Improvement Plans


Custom Forms

for 2021 and Beyond!

You asked for it and Edulink continues to deliver. As a result of recent client surveys, we’ve expanded our Custom Forms Module to enable educators to evaluate all employees and support staff throughout their districts. This aligns with Edulink’s continuous improvement initiatives to make PA-ETEP contribute even more to your success.

Evaluate your ENTIRE support staff… district-wide!

The new and improved Custom Forms Module in PA-ETEP now enables you to add and evaluate your entire support staff (i.e., paraprofessionals, administrative staff, personal care aides, food service employees, custodial staff, maintenance staff, clerical staff, school safety personnel, technicians and more). Once added into the module, use Custom Forms to keep all of your observations and evaluations within the same portal.

To accommodate this upgrade, the Custom Forms module has been expanded to include more question types and a handy calculation tool. With these enhancements, you can easily build rubric-like forms for your support staff, including language and proficiency levels, and let the form calculate a total score.

PLEASE NOTE – To use Custom Forms with your support staff, you must first purchase the Custom Forms Module and then purchase additional support staff licenses. To learn how to implement Custom Forms into your PA-ETEP portal, contact us for more information, to schedule a private demo, or to obtain pricing.

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Create observation forms with all the question types you need

Yes/No Answer Fields with Notes (click to enlarge)

Single Row and Paragraph Text Fields (click to enlarge)

Multiple Choice (click to enlarge)

Check Box (click to enlarge)

Drop Down Selection (click to enlarge)

Edulink PA-ETEP Teacher Drop-in Observation Form Interface

Create forms with Likert Scales

Edulink PA-ETEP Informal Observation Form Interface

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Create Rubric Observations

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Edulink PA-ETEP Drop-in Form Interface

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