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Client Case Studies

Edulink clients throughout Pennsylvania are succeeding in bringing efficiency and compliance to their administrative workflows. Here, we’re presenting case studies of educators who have chosen to go on record and share their experiences. If you’re interested in participating in an Edulink Client Case Study, please contact Sally Sawyer and she’ll schedule one at your convenience.

PA-ETEP Client Case Studies

Comply Client Case Studies

“I have used PA-ETEP as an administrator for the past five years. I appreciate that the product has matured and the company has been responsive to the needs of its users. I have found it saves me quite a bit of time in an already time intensive observation and evaluation process. Colleagues who are new users consistently state the benefits as they become increasingly more comfortable and proficient using PA-ETEP”

Christopher Dormer Assistant Superintendent, Norristown Area School District

“I believe that PA-ETEP is an excellent tool for administrators. I have used this program for the last three years and find it easy to use and it provides an excellent framework for sharing data with multiple users.”

Stan Whiteman Supervisor, Duquesne City School District

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