Easily Track and Manage Compliance Items & Submit Act 48 Hours to PERMS

Comply is an online tool for tracking and managing employee fulfillment of district requisites and state mandates.

Comply can be used to track the completion of state requirements for clearances, fire drills, PIMS, safe drinking water, school safety, confidentiality, child abuse/mandated reporter, and much more. The software also tracks district specific requirements related to acceptable use policies, employee handbooks, bullying prevention, coaching requirements, teacher induction, and whatever else a district needs and wants to track. The submission of Act 48 hours to PERMS is also built right into the software; keeping all of your compliance items in one place. Use Comply in conjunction with PA-ETEP or independently, with your teachers, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, and all other support personnel. Imagine, one tool, one location, for all your employees to access their requisites, complete them on time, and earn Act 48 hours.

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Comply allows you to track and manage
all of the following and more:

State Requirements


  • Background Check (Act 114)  
  • Child Abuse History (Act 151)  
  • PA Criminal History (Act 34)  

Mandated Trainings 

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Child Abuse
  • CPR
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Student Assistant Programs (SAP)
  • Trauma / Concussions  


  • Federal Programs
  • PIMS
  • Title I

School Climate Survey Example

PIMS Requirements  

Bus Evacuation Drill Report Example

 Support Personnel Template Example

Interscholastic Athletics Opportunities Example

Bus Evacuation Drill Report

Fire Drill Report

Home Education Report

Interscholastic Athletics Opportunities
Disclosure Form

Memorandum of Understanding
with Law Enforcement

Support Personnel Template

Bullying Policy

District Specific Items

Board Policies

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Dating Violence

Coaching Requirements

Employee Handbooks

Credit Approval Requests

New Hire Policies

Requisition Requests

Vendor Contract Renewals

Teacher Induction

Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure (Act 168) 

Acceptable Use Policy Example

New Hire Policies Example

Employee Handbooks Example

Inspection Items


Air Quality


Buildings and Grounds

Emergency Generators

Fire Drills and Bus Evacuations  

Fire Extinguishers


Safe Water

Smoke Alarms

Emergency Drill Report Example

Employee Feedback / Surveys

Professional Development Feedback

School Safety

Curriculum Implementation

District Initiatives

Exit Interviews

Training / PD and Act 48 Submission

Equity and Inclusion  

Bullying Prevention  

Cyber Harassment

Dating Violence  

PSSA / Keystone Administration   

Mandated Reporter (Act 126)  

Suicide Awareness (Act 71)  

Cardiac Arrest (Act 59) 

Child Exploitation Awareness (Act 71)  

Anti-Hazing (Act 31)

Active Shooter Awareness

AED Defibrillator Training

Bloodborne Pathogens

Dealing with Angry People

Employee Substance Abuse Awareness

First Aid Awareness

Drug Abuse Education (HB 121)

Bullying Prevention Example

Heat Related Injuries

Infectious Disease

Preventing Back Injuries

Preventing Workplace Harassment

School Bus Safety

School Lab Safety

Theatre Safety

Opioid Addiction

Right to Know

PATHS (PA Training for Health and Safety)  

And Anything Else that Matters!

Comply Dashboard for Supervisors

Administrators can:

  • View active compliance items
  • See compliance items that have expired for individual users
  • Access compliance items that are pending and require their verification
  • Nudge users, encouraging them to take action
  • Message users with important updates
  • See the status or progress of individual users (completed, pending verification, expiring soon, expired)
  • Receive automatic updates with status of compliance items
  • Review uploaded documents
  • Review completed questionnaires/surveys
  • Enter user specific notes
  • Take appropriate actions (verify, nudge, message, etc.)

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Comply Dashboard for Users/Employees

Users or employees can:

  • View all items for which they are responsible in complying
  • See compliance items that are expiring soon
  • Submit compliance items for verification
  • Message contact person with questions
  • Upload evidence/attachments
  • Complete questionnaires/surveys
  • Take action on compliance items that have expired

Build Compliance Items

Any administrator can build a compliance item:

  • Add all necessary instructions
  • Provide important links and resources
  • Upload needed forms, pdfs, and documents
  • Establish deadlines
  • Identify contact person
  • Establish verification process (employee only, employee and administrator, administrator only)
  • Create questionnaires or post completion surveys
  • Assign compliance item to appropriate personnel
  • Set recurring cycles for compliance items
  • Set recurring cycles for individual users

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Comply News & Updates

The latest Comply news, updates, and announcements.