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Electronic Teacher Evaluation Portal (ETEP)

PA-ETEP is a comprehensive suite of evaluation tools fully aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Our application is comprised of several modules that facilitate the following evaluation tasks:

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PA-ETEP contributes to your district’s success…


Tracks Communication

For full detailed records and accountability


For easy access and organization


Saves Time

So you can focus on meaningful discussions

Instant Visibility

Into the status of all staff for ease of management

Free Comprehensive Support

For a complex and changing process

Manage the evaluation process for all of your educators


Teachers can interact with supervisors throughout the observation process, send notifications, and review their performance records. Additionally, teachers are guided through their Student Learning Objectives for the year, such as establishing Goals, Performance Measures, and Performance Indicators.

Principals & Supervisors

Supervisors can manage the entire observation process from start to finish with support for Walkthroughs, Formal Observations, Differentiated Observations, SLOs, 82 Rating forms, and more. ETEP is crafted to align with the requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Act 82.

Non-Teaching Professional Employees

Manage NTPE Observations and perform formal ratings using periodic, semi-annual, and annual summative rating forms. Supervisors can quickly reference observations, assign rating values, and automatically calculate final ratings.

Onboarding & Training

Training is provided for administrators and principals through live webinars. The training lasts about 1.5 hours. The first 30 minutes of the training is for a central administrators and shows the user how to manage the back-end of their portal, setting up buildings, adding supervisors, assigning roles, etc. The other 60 minutes of the training is specifically for supervisors/principals.

Integrated Reporting

Various reports are available via the PA-ETEP base product. For example, administrators can review Observation Summary Reports, Component Summary Reports, Strength and Growth Summaries, and 82 Summary Reports.

Our customers are raving about PA’s number one evaluation tool!


“PA-ETEP helps streamline what could be a very intensive process, improves accuracy and accountability, and eliminates the paperwork nightmare!”

“I estimate that PA-ETEP saves me approximately 1.5 hours per observation.”

“Of all the educational products and software we have dealt with over the years, this one may be the most effective at addressing a huge need and is done in a very professional and simple manner.”

Open the door to clear communication, ongoing professional conversations, and organizational consistency across your district.

We’ll provide the tools that keep you focused on your teacher’s success!

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“The observation process utilizing PA-ETEP is an effective tool not only for evaluation purposes but to help teachers grow in their profession. I love it!”

Christine Reiber
Greencastle-Antrim School District

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