Client: Sharon Hawke, Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent


Challenge: To efficiently track and manage Act 48 hours, Paraeducator (Aide) Hours and Clearances for the district. One of the most overwhelming tasks has been having to email employees about their clearances expiring soon.


Solution: Comply has eliminated a ton of paperwork and personal emails for me! Built-in notifications are handled directly between Comply and the user, which has been tremendous! When setting up items, I can choose/set reminders to what I want them to be and Comply sends email notifications, letting users know when items are due. In addition, I can also have reminders sent to me when the user’s due date is approaching. This feature and the color coded icons in Comply, help me easily identify what users are due to renew soon.


Future applications of Comply: I will continue to use Comply to track Act 48 and Paraeducator hours, as well as managing Clearances.


Biggest Benefits: The training was really good, but I can’t say enough about how helpful, supportive, understanding, patient, and wonderful the customer support team has been.  I would not have been able to figure it all out without the personal, one-on-one assistance from the support representatives!!!!!!  The staff is ALWAYS professional and SO helpful!!!  A support representative even called me when something was amiss with our information.  They really go above and beyond!!!!


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