Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) System mandates annual Security Awareness Training for all individuals accessing Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), along with a signed acknowledgement of the completed training.

To streamline this process, Edulink has integrated a template into our compliance tracking software, Comply. This feature is part of our commitment to keeping clients informed while simplifying the tracking, management, and completion of mandatory training.

Comply users can replicate the template that includes a link to the training. Once the training is completed, the certificate can be uploaded into Comply and then it can be submitted to the supervisor for review/approval.

Levels of Security Awareness Training:

  • Unescorted Access– (previously Level 1): Authorized persons to Criminal Justice Information (CJI) / Unescorted Access – Those who could view CHRI during their normal job functions.
  • General User – (previously Level 2): Physical and logical access – Those who directly view and directly handle hard-copy CHRI.
  • Privileged User – (previously Level 3): Physical and logical access – Those with direct access to PA Safe Check and who directly view/handle CHRI.
  • Organizational User – (previously Level 4): IT personnel – Those who are responsible for IT, and who may view CHRI.

As a Local Education Agency (LEA), your role is crucial in safeguarding CHRI and promptly reporting security incidents.

Storing official CHRI requires careful consideration; it should be kept in a securely locked area in hard-copy format. While electronic storage is an option, it necessitates numerous encryption layers aligning with the CJI’s Security Policy standards. Implementing physical security protocols can help restrict access to CHRI, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Lastly, all LEAs must retain signed Security Awareness Training forms, which are subject to review during audits. This practice is an important part of maintaining system security and ensuring adherence to protocol.


To learn more about how Edulink’s Comply Software can help you complete mandated trainings, track clearances, manage Act 48 hours, and more, contact us!

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