Client: Beth Primm, Secretary-Athletics, Curriculum, Homeschooling, New Teacher Induction & Technology and COMPLY Portal Manager


Challenge: To efficiently track and manage Act 48 hours, mandated trainings and clearances for the district.


Solution: We use Comply for managing our clearances and mandated trainings, however, our primary use has been tracking Act 48 hours and submitting to PERMS.  With Act 48, we create rosters, insert a survey, and open the item to our staff.  We have made our surveys ‘required’, in order for the teacher to receive hours. This has been a tremendous help in planning future in-service offerings.  A huge bonus has been the “publish in the future” option. We can create activities, build the rosters, set the date to publish, and have activities ready to go long before the actual date! This has been seriously magical!


Future applications of Comply: We are very much looking forward to the reports feature.  As this part of Comply grows, we will grow right with you!  Also, we have talked at length about using Comply to do forms, which are currently done solely on paper.  This will benefit the district both from a time and efficiency standpoint.  We have specifically discussed our Professional Activity Request Form, which is submitted by teachers wishing to attend a variety of things such as conferences and training, as well as Field Trip Requests.  Currently, the teacher submits the form to their principal, curriculum coordinator, transportation director, or superintendent, depending on the activity.  To be able to have the teacher submit through Comply, and have all approvals done directly through the software will not only simplify and shorten the process, but will also eliminate the possibility of lost paperwork!


Biggest Benefits: The first benefit is TIME!  For anyone considering COMPLY, the time it saves alone, is enough to jump in!  It is hard to put into words how much time it has saved us, AND how much easier it is to track all of this!!  The second benefit is EFFICIENCY! The ability to look at any activity/roster with just a click is awesome.  Building an activity and roster through Comply vs. having to add names, PPID numbers, course titles, and on and on, to a spreadsheet, just doesn’t even compare. Finally, the staff at Comply are phenomenal!  SO quick to respond to cries for help, SO helpful, SO kind and fun to work with, SO wonderful at explaining things to us, and SO open to hearing our ideas.  Thank you for all that you continue to do for us!!!


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