PA-ETEP Evaluating Support Staff Survey

Over the last year, several districts have reached out to us about using PA-ETEP to evaluate other groups of employees and/or support staff, including administrative assistants, custodial staff, paraprofessionals, etc.

How Would this Work?

Districts that have the Custom Forms Module could add their support staff to PA-ETEP, creating accounts for all employees. Then, using the Custom Forms Module, districts could recreate their support staff evaluation forms inside PA-ETEP. Once built inside PA-ETEP, supervisors could then evaluate all employees, as needed.

As we are always exploring ways to enhance PA-ETEP for our users, we’d like to know your thoughts about this potential new feature. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us gauge demand and prioritize future updates. Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire below.

NOTE: Once the Custom Forms module is purchased, there would be an additional fee to add support staff members to PA-ETEP.

PA-ETEP Evaluating Support Staff Survey

Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire below.

We may want to contact you to better understand your experiences with PA-ETEP. We will never share any personal information you provide. Please read our Privacy Statement.
To help us in our research, it would be very helpful if we could review the evaluation forms you currently use with support staff. If you are willing to share your forms, please send them to Sally Sawyer.

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