Annually, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are responsible for completing the Educator Effectiveness Annual Report. The report is due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) by February 28, 2023. PA-ETEP clients enjoy the time-saving benefit of having all data required for the report compiled and easily accessible inside the software.

There are two types of reports available in PAETEP for each type of completed 13 form (i.e., 13-1, 13-2, and 13-3). The data from these reports can be used to complete the information required on PDE’s Educator Effectiveness Annual Report.

1) Educator Effectiveness Annual Report by Individual – This report provides all of the recorded ratings and totals on completed 13 forms for individual users by building.

2) Educator Effectiveness Annual Report by Building – This report identifies the number of Overall Effectiveness Ratings (Failing, Needs Improvement, Proficient, and Distinguished) and Final Ratings (Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory) for teachers, NTPEs, and/or principals. This report provides data for the purposes of completing the aggregated data portions of PDE’s Educator Effectiveness Annual Report.


ESSA Effectiveness Ratings – For the 2017-18 school year and beyond, PA-ETEP’s Educator Effectiveness Annual Report includes the ESSA Effectiveness Rating calculation data.

The Educator Effectiveness Annual Report by Individual provides individual teacher ESSA Effectiveness Rating calculations.

The Educator Effectiveness Annual Report by Building provides aggregate totals, including the total number of teachers considered Ineffective and Effective by building. According to the new calculation, teachers with an ESSA Effectiveness Rating calculation of 0.00-1.99 are considered Ineffective, and those rated 2.00-3.00 are considered Effective.

Note from PDE: Please note that federally required, building-level reporting on rates of inexperienced, ineffective, and out-of-field educators is separate and distinct from educator evaluation data and, therefore, has no impact on the completion of teacher (13-1 forms) and principal evaluations. Only building-level aggregate totals of Effective/Ineffective classroom teachers will be reported to PDE per ESSA’s requirements.

Within PA-ETEP, the Educator Effectiveness Annual Report is only available to School District Admin users. The Educator Effectiveness Annual Report and the ESSA Effectiveness Rating calculations are not available to individual teachers or building principals.

ESSA Calculations

According to PDE and Pennsylvania’s ESSA State Plan, the following data elements are used to operationalize the definition of Effective Educator:

1. Domain II – Classroom Environment (30%)

2. Domain III – Instruction (30%)

3. Domain IV – Professional Responsibilities (20%)

4. LEA Selected Measures (e.g., Student Performance Measure) (20%)


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