Edulink recently conducted a survey quizzing our clients about their knowledge of the educator effectiveness evaluation requirements under PA Act 13. The results of the quiz were both insightful and informative. The survey prompted our team to collect the questions and answers into this blog post to help Pennsylvania educators understand the most asked about aspects of Act 13.

What are the biggest takeaways and most asked about aspects of Act 13 that are critical for educators to understand?


Refreshed Frameworks for Evaluation

Under Act 13, the frameworks for evaluation (observation and practice) were refreshed and revised. Not only was the proficiency language revised for the various components, but also Discussion Prompts and Evidence of Practice were added. The revised frameworks can be accessed through the PDE SAS portal, as well as throughout PAETEP.  Learn More.

Semi-Annual Rating Forms

According to Act 13, non-tenured (Temporary Professional Employees) teachers and NTPEs should have two Semi-Annual 13 rating forms completed each year. NOTE: 100% of the final score on semi-annual forms comes from the Observation and Practice ratings.  Learn More.

LEA Selected Measures – Student Performance Measures

Under Act 13, all teachers are required to complete an LEA Selected Measure which is typically a Student Performance Measure (SPM). NOTE: The final score earned by the teacher on the SPM constitutes at least 10% of a teacher’s final score on the 13-1 form.  Learn More.

IEP Goals Progress

Under Act 13, only teachers who meet the districts ‘n’ count are required to complete an IEP Goals Progress. NOTE: If required to complete, the final score from the IEP Goals Progress constitutes at least 2.5% of a teacher’s final score on the 13-1 form. Also, the requirement to complete an IEP Goals Progress is in addition to the requirement to complete an LEA Selected Measure – SPM.  Learn More.

Principal Performance Goals

Under Act 13, Principals and Directors of Special Education are required to complete at least one Principal Performance Goals form/process. NOTE: the final score earned on the Principal Performance Goals constitutes at least 20% of the supervisors score on the 13-2 form. Learn More.

Edulink’s goal is to ensure that Pennsylvania educators and administrators are fully informed and updated on the PDE’s regulatory and compliance matters and equipped to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. If you have questions about Act 13 that are not covered here, feel free to contact us, and we’ll add them to this post.

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Pennsylvania Act 13 requires evidence to be gathered in a number of ways in support of the final effectiveness ratings on the new 13-1, 13-2 and 13-3 forms. As the only teacher evaluation tool that has the requirements built right into the software, PAETEP provides the specific tools and modules needed to collect the necessary evidence with ease!

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Act 13 Changes for the 2021-22 School Year

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