NEW PA-ETEP Enhancements!

With over 90,000 users and 400 school districts, IUs, CTCs, and charter schools using PA-ETEP, the evidence is clear that PA-ETEP is the number one teacher evaluation tool used in the state of Pennsylvania.  Much of the success of PA-ETEP lies in the continuous enhancements being made which have been precipitated by you, our valued clients. This summer, our team at EduLink was hard at work engineering improvements to the software as well as NEW tools to help make your job easier and more streamlined. Take a look at what’s new with PA-ETEP! Read More

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COMPLY: Our Brand NEW Compliance Tool

EduLink thrives on collaboration with our clients. When we hear there is a need, we act on it. Through numerous conversations with school administrators, we’ve uncovered a critical need for a tool that tracks compliance with all state mandates and district requirements. COMPLY is a comprehensive tool that manages:

  • Clearances
  • Safe Schools
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Policy Updates
  • PIMS Deadlines
  • Coaching Requirements
  • New Hire Requirements
  • And Anything Else that Matters!

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Build Custom Forms in PA-ETEP

Create any form you need in PA-ETEP with the Custom Form Builder, including, walkthrough, ‘look for,’ simple rubrics, and other observation forms and use them with not only your teachers, but also non-teaching professional educators and paraprofessionals.
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Attachment Module is a Hit!

Over 50% of our clients have added the attachment module to their portals. When the Attachment Module is enabled on your portal, anywhere a supervisor, teacher, or NTPE clicks Add Comment, they can attach a file and share lesson plans, assessments, benchmark results, images, and more.
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