82 Rating Forms

82 Rating

The final rating for each professional educator is calculated and documented right in the software via the various 82 Rating Forms (82-1, 82-2, and 82-3). For classroom teachers, the 82-1 rating form is used to calculate their final rating of Distinguished, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Failing and/or Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. The 82-2 form is for principals and 82-3 is for NTPE (Non-Teaching Professionals).

Teacher Specific Rating Calculator

The 82-1 form on PA-ETEP includes a Teacher Specific Rating Calculator which allows supervisors to enter weighted percentages and final ratings for all the required PDE teacher specific ratings categories (i.e., Student Performance on Assessments, Value-Added Assessment System Data, Progress in Meeting Goals of Student IEPs, and Locally Developed School District Rubrics).

Video Tutorial

Watch the following webinar on completing 82-1 forms, including the use of the Teacher Specific Rating Calculator, SPP or Building Scores, and PVAA 3 year rolling average scores. Click the following link to download the spreadsheet referenced in this video: TSRC Preset Example Spreadsheet

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