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Differentiated Observations


This module supports the Differentiated Supervision process.  At the onset of the observation, professional educators define the type/mode, focus areas and action plan for growth right inside PA-ETEP, based upon their unique needs and interests. Teachers provide mid-year and year-end progress updates during the course of the school year.  The module facilitates open collaboration between supervisor and teacher, allowing for discussion and feedback throughout the process.

Differentiated Supervision options identified by the PDE are available within PA-ETEP and effectively target the following types/modes:

  • Peer Coaching Mode – professional educators work together to define their professional needs that are aligned to Pennsylvania Core Standards. Data collected and results of observations can be documented and shared with principals in the Differentiated Observation within PA-ETEP, facilitating feedback and discussion.
  • Action Research Mode – professional employees develop a structured, on-going reflection of a practice-related issue, using the Framework for Teaching. Professionals complete their action research project and provide ongoing updates in the Differentiated Observation within PA-ETEP.
  • Portfolio Mode – professional employees examine their own practice in relation to the Framework for Teaching and document their practice with artifacts and evidence. All findings can be summarized within the Differentiated Observation within PA-ETEP.
  • Other – professional educators who use a district specific Differentiated Supervision model can name their type of supervision and still complete the initial action plan, mid-year updates, end-of-year updates and evaluation rubrics within PA-ETEP.

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Evaluation Rubric

The Differentiated module is accompanied by the evaluation rubric for formalized ratings across all components to conclude the observation process. Supervisors can rate their staff and provide written comments and feedback just as they do on the Formal observations, allowing for meaningful discussion and goal planning.

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