82-1 Form(s) Teacher Specific Rating Calculator

Teacher Specific
Rating Calculator

The 82-1 form on PAETEP includes a Teacher Specific Rating Calculator which allows supervisors to enter weighted percentages and final ratings for all the required PDE teacher specific ratings categories (i.e., Student Performance on Assessments, Value-Added Assessment System Data, Progress in Meeting Goals of Student IEPs, and Locally Developed School District Rubrics).

82-1 Form Presets

School District Admin users can use the Preset Management tool to build a set of default weighted percentages for the Teacher Specific Rating Calculator (TSRC) and make those available to their supervisors. Creating TSRC presets, not only helps supervisors be consistent, but also standardizes the TSRC calculation weights across a district. Additionally, PAETEP now includes the 82-2 and 82-3 Rating forms.

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Video Tutorial

Watch the following webinar for a comprehensive overview on completing your 82 forms, using the Teacher Specific Rating Calculator (TSRC), and leveraging the TSRC Preset Manager.

Click the following link to download the spreadsheet referenced in this video: TSRC Preset Example Spreadsheet

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